This is a family web site for friends and family


smithnet.dk is primarily for fun and photos. I have fun making it and our world-spanning family gets to see photos from some of our recent happenings.


Having relatives spread across Europe and US it is a great way to share our celebrations, trips, travels and so on.



We are a somewhat busy family committing to our jobs, our local school (a private school with lots of parent involvement), sports (table tennis), gardening, family, friends and more...


We strive for getting lots of good life events with other people - these are the true treasures of human life.

The Smith


2016 November


Cosy lights are starting to show up everywhere as the days are getting shorter and shorter.

Benjamin is playing LOTS of tournaments and Sarah is getting ready for end of year exams.

2016 December


Our December is full of birthdays, X-mas and New Year celebrations.

2017 January


A new year is ahead of us.

2017 February

Winter never really hit us - yet...

Snow may be around the corner so I am hoping for some great Winter photos.